An Always on Solution.

Welcome to the MOVEON 2000 NV (Night Vision). An Active Anti-Burglary Deterrent Solution.

Our solution is very simple as it can be placed at any door (with a window) or window around the house.

When a person comes to the door or window and is able to see themselves via a playback screen this instantly shows any would-be thief that they are being recorded. This active deterrent saves your front-door or window from being smashed in, and the heart-ache of trying to re-cover stolen goods, this also saves the police time from having to track down the thief and attempt to re-cover your stolen high-valued goods.

Here is a list of features our solution offers;

  • Real-time video monitor at your door or window
  • Activates recording when movement is detected.
  • Saves videos to the cloud.
  • Sends notification of movement start and end times.
  • Live stream is available anywhere on any device at any time.
  • Playback is available anywhere on any device.
  • Multi-Camera supported.
  • Night Vision supported.
  • Enhanced configuration available.