Passive Burglar Deterrent Solutions

Too late to respond explained.

With the low solve rate of home break-ins and home security cameras not deterring all potential burglars. Today’s products act as a passive deterrent, even ones where by the home owner is notified when someone is trying to break down their front door. The would-be thief at this point may have already inflicted considerable damage to the door, and in some cases have managed to leave the home with high-valued items. Most of today’s solutions are external to the property and are open to compromise, including the new ‘ring’ door bell.

Two passive deterrent solutions. In the first video we can see burglars have already entered the home and have begun to loot the house, even the two dogs do not deter the two burglars.

In this second video, the home owner is lucky to catch them in the act and call the phone who are close by and able to respond quickly. Again at this point damage has already been done to the property.

This video shows the ‘ring’ solution working as a passive deterrent.

Passive solutions do not always work, whilst the notification to your smartdevice is a great idea (our solution has this as well), not everyone is able to respond to an alert; you may be driving, out of signal range, or simply did not hear your phone. Our solution overcomes the ‘too late to respond’ issue seen with passive solutions.